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Corporate Identity Rebrand

Lawyering – it’s hard work, but someone has to do it. And few do it as well as the dedicated folks at Carrel+Partners LLP. Carrel+Partners is one of the most respected law firms in Thunder Bay and northwestern Ontario. Their reputation for giving clients thorough, knowledgeable representation goes back over 100 years. They have over 300 years of collective experience handling cases involving all areas of law in northwestern Ontario and beyond.

But when you’re one of Thunder Bay’s leading law practices fighting for truth, justice and the Canadian way there just aren’t enough hours in the day to be thinking about things like brand identity. So we did it the thinking for them. The result? A refreshed and reinvigorated look, that brought a touch of modernity and flair to an already recognizable and well-loved brand within the region of northwestern Ontario. We developed a two-tiered logo that is capable of accommodating any type or size of composition, whether it is cut-letter signage, business cards or a savvy new responsive website. Carrel+Partners new website is an inclusive tool that’s accessible for anyone on their work computer, home tablet or on the move with their mobile device. No matter what your legal problem, Carrel+Partners can help you. And we’re happy to have helped the helpers with their brand new corporate identity.