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“A Clean, Green & Beautiful Thunder Bay depends on the pride of residents, businesses, property owners and youth. It also makes good business sense and results in a healthy economy. Clean, green and beautiful cities attract visitors, highly skilled workers and investment, and enable us to live, work and play in well maintained, safe and pleasant surroundings.” – Mayor Keith Hobbs

It is the City’s vision to foster and promote our quality of life, which is directly linked to establishing and nurturing a healthy, environmentally sustainable community. The vision for improving our quality of life is centred on the creation and maintenance of a city that celebrates its culture and history through the arts and architecture, protects and enhances its natural systems, and provides a clean and healthy environment for its citizens—it is, quite simply, clean, green and beautiful.

Keeping our city clean, green and beautiful is up to all of us, so we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the City of Thunder Bay to launch this civic pride campaign. Our goal was to get our citizens excited to “commit” to being part of the solution because the weight of our city’s well-being lands on all of our shoulders. We are fortunate enough to live, work and play in one of the the most naturally beautiful locations in the entire world. So help us shift attitudes and not be part of the problem.

Using the previously established Clean, Green & Beautiful visual identity as our foundation, we pushed the concept forward—illustrating the new messaging using litter-based typography.  We produced a short 30-second video which animated our plea “Don’t be Trashy”. The video launched on social media to coincide with the City’s media release highlighting the City’s effort to commit to a clean, green and beautiful Thunder Bay.