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We have a friend named Sean. Sean has a new business and asked us to brand his company with a name and logo. Our goal was to brand Sean’s new aviation and leasing consultancy company as clever, forward thinking and professional.

Drum roll please…we are proud to introduce you to—Deciphr.

Deciphr represents problems that need to be solved. Reading the title involves a brief mental double-take, that something isn’t quite right—then you figure it out. It’s not complicated enough to confuse anyone, but it cleverly establishes the nature of the work and the company as problem-solvers. It promotes the notion that small details can have a huge impact.

The Deciphr logo is a physical representation of a problem that needs to be solved. Instead of merely telling their audience that they are excellent problem-solvers, we developed an interactive logo that allows them to solve a problem themselves. Providing a chance for the audience to interact with the logo, experiencing a microcosm of what Deciphr offers as their primary service—creative problem solving and an enjoyable experience.