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Logo Neutral 3rd

Logo Neutral 3rd

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Branding, Logo and Website

We all need help from time to time. And some problems don’t necessarily have an straightforward solution. So there are people like Helen who’s expertise is conflict resolution and mediation. We worked with Helen to determine a name for her new conflict management and mediation business, as well as create a logo and responsive website.

We mined deeply for the essence of Helen’s specialized talents and decided upon the name Neutral 3rd. The greatest strength of this name lies in its recognition of what is really key to the mediator’s position. Use of the term “neutral” clearly identifies the fair and unbiased nature of the mediation, but prefacing the term “3rd” assures the client that the company is approaching them and their workplace as being people-centred and not systematic.

The strong horizontal logo composition is asymmetrically balance by the three-stroked icon and the off-coloured “3rd”. The typography is simple and professional. The colour palette is complementary and impactful. The Neutral 3rd logo is an embodiment of Helen’s positive, industrious and professional attitude she uses to approach each unique mediation experience.