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It’s different living in the North. We have a unique lifestyle compared to metropolis areas, so we should treat our our social systems and regional economy the same way. Beginning with the future generations of our northern communities and their post-secondary education.

The Northern Colleges Collaboration has a shared vision—support the residents and communities of northern Ontario by creating a learning environment that enhances access for all learners, including those in the remote north, secured by a collaboration that maximizes enrolment, enhances quality and leverages existing resources to bring about financial efficiency and sustainability of the six northern colleges.

This pan-northern Ontario agreement reinforces a collaborative approach for student access to programming and services. It is student focused in terms of sharing best practices for program delivery that meet the needs of diverse learners and has placed a strong emphasis on academic and student support including mental health.

Generator’s role was to synthesize this information into a logo and visual identity that represents the shared goals of all six northern colleges. The logo draws inspiration from our unique geographic location within Canada. It is inclusive to our bilingual northern communities, and the colour palette is representative of the beautiful and diverse earth tones found within our untamed natural environment.