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Identity Thunder Bay Public Library

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When your organization’s mission statement is to “strengthen our community by engaging people in the pursuit of local and global information and knowledge, and promoting literacy, lifelong learning, and leisure” it’s not hard to find like-minded people to get behind you. So back in 2009, when we heard that the Thunder Bay Public Library wanted to rebrand, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with one of the staple organizations within our community.

We began the rebranding process by doing some focus groups to find out how key demographics perceived the library and what made the it unique and meaningful to them. Then we worked together to develop logo concepts that represented the Thunder Bay Public Library and where they were looking to go in the future. Once the logo and the brand strategy received the green light we started developing creative that established the new visual identity at all the library locations in Thunder Bay, within the community and online.

The result? A loose, carefree, evocative logo that embodies both bright colours and playful movement, and brims with wide-eyed exuberance. Each successive page builds on the one beneath to create rich, subtly interconnected layers, in much the same way that public libraries provide life-enriching, multimedia experiences for everyone in our community.