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Triad Contracting are a company of experienced exterior contractors, working in Thunder Bay. Their projects cover both new construction and renovation of existing buildings, and their stellar work ethic has assisted them in becoming one of the city’s most respected contracting firms. Triad came to us to build a website for them that would both provide an information source for new customers, while also celebrating the important place that the organization has carved out for itself in the Thunder Bay construction market.

When a company has been prospering and building brand loyalty in the city for over 30 years, it means they are obviously doing a lot of things right. We wanted to develop as a showcase for that success, highlighting their excellent past work, as well as the diverse selection of services that they can provide. Together with our friends at Bolt Media, we designed a sharp, intuitive website, and took advantage of the company’s existing brand palette; it’s exactly the sort of renovation that we pride ourselves on.