Barry Smith

Partner, Account Manager

Barry Smith's Photo

Barry is a partner and the Creative Director at Generator. He’s been serving clients in the creative biz for over 40 years, firstly as a freelance designer and for the last 20+ years at the helm of the creative team.

As Creative Director, Barry works closely with the whole team to cultivate a collaborative, fun, and inspiring work environment, ensuring only the highest quality work makes it out the door. Always friendly and approachable, Barry is a people person through and through and knows that relationships, both professional and personal, are the key to success. When he’s not overseeing the day-to-day operations, Barry can be found pursuing his other passion in life: road cycling. He’s always up for a challenge and whether it’s a 13 km steep hill climb or a new creative project, he always brings the same determined approach to everything he does.

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