Raelene Temple

Finance & Administration

Raelene Temple's Photo

Raelene is a self-professed technophile, she loves Excel spreadsheets, and she’s definitely been to more concerts than you.

Raelene never imagined working in the advertising and marketing field but here she is; an invaluable member of the Generator team. Raelene graduated from Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (HBComm) degree with a major in accounting, so it’s no surprise that numbers are her life. Smart as a whip and friendly to a fault, Raelene fulfills an integral behind-the-scenes role in the office, ensuring everything runs smoothly, creating reports, invoicing, analyzing data, and generally crunching numbers on the daily. She’s also detail oriented to the max, which makes her a perfect fit as the de facto office proofreader. 

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