Meaghan Wynn


Meaghan Wynn's Photo

She works hard, learns fast, thinks creatively, and constantly strives to develop her design know-how through learning and new experiences.

Meaghan is a Graphic Designer with an Advanced Diploma in Interactive Media Development from Confederation College. She’s a woman of few words but beneath that cool, calm exterior beats the heart of a design fanatic. Plus, she’s a professional bagel bringer, so she’s definitely a keeper. Meaghan’s broad skill set covers graphic design, print advertising, motion graphics, and branding and identity. She loves the creative work environment and gets a major buzz from seeing her work out in the world, making a positive impact for her clients. When she’s not at her desk you’ll likely find her pursuing her other passion, online gaming. Oh, and she loves dinosaurs – her favourite is the Spinosaurus.

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